ZIP/390 for the Mainframe | Zip. Encrypt. Connect.
ZIP/390 for z/OS
ZIP/390 for z/OS is the trusted IBM Mainframe Zip compression solution of top corporations world-wide for simplifying efficient and secure file exchange between z/OS and all other computing platforms and competency levels within the Enterprise and beyond.
New! ZIP/390 Multi-Platform (MP)
Engineered from the ground up as a true multi-platform solution, ZIP/390 Multi-Platform (MP) extends the reach, functionality, and value of ZIP/390 for zEnterprise customers. Operating on all major platforms within the zEnterprise complex and Distributed Systems, ZIP/390 MP is a completely integrated, single vendor supported, multi-platform Zip solution.

ZIP/390 MP for z/OS and ZIP/390 MP for Unix System Services (USS), and a limited number of instances of ZIP/390 MP for the other supported platforms, are included at no additional cost to licensees of ZIP/390 for z/OS. Contact a Data 21 representative for more information.