ZIP/390 Multi-Platform | Zip. Encrypt. Transport. Connect.
ZIP/390 Multi-Platform (MP) is a server based solution for reducing the complexity and cost of automating secure and efficient cross-platform data exchange and multi-platform integration processes.

Operating on most major enterprise server platforms, ZIP/390 MP can serve as a single vendor supported solution for the entire enterprise computing complex.

Data Compression and Encryption
ZIP/390 MP is a robust zip solution with all the features necessary for addressing todays enterprise zip applications. Employing the ZIP standard, ZIP/390 reduces the logistics and cost of exchanging files between all major computing platforms and other Zip utilities (currently deployed on servers, desktops, mobile devices, and the cloud).

Banking level encryption helps address security compliance by providing strong data level protection, while in transit and at rest.

Furthermore, ZIP/390 is highly parameter compatible with other popular zip tools - making ZIP/390 MP easy to adopt by users familiar with other tools.

Multi-Platform Integration
Beyond its serviceability as an enterprise class zip server utility, ZIP/390 MP’s unique client/server architecture facilitates the orchestration and control of real-time cross-platform operations. Providing an easy to implement and use utility for exploiting the efficiencies of mixed-platform (“hybrid”) applications.

Features Include:
  • Zip and Unzip Files
  • File Aggregation
  • ZIP64
  • Strong AES Encryption