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PKZIP/SecureZIP Replacement Upgrade

Facing a high Annual Maintenance or Machine Upgrade Fee?

Facing a high cost for adding a needed feature?

Dissatisfied with your current Sales and/or Technical Support?

Just looking for ways to reduce operational costs in general?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, this message is for you. The purchase price of ZIP/390 will be waived 100% for replacing the current PKZIP/SecureZIP license capacity. Pay only our (lower) Annual Maintenance fee and receive a production product key for the licensed machine.
Lower Annual Maintenance!
Help us to help you! Everybody is tightening their belts and every penny counts. Money saved now means that you can allocate more money at a time when it is needed elsewhere. Contact our sales group to determine your savings.
Lower Machine Upgrade Fees!
Due to ZIP/390's friendly pricing and terms, machine upgrade charges are also lower; delivering additional on-going savings for your company. ZIP/390's support for the zIIP specialty engine can also delay requirements for an upgrade by freeing up your mainframe's general computing capacity and lower your overall total cost of computing.
Lower Product Upgrade Fees!
Looking at a substantial charge for upgrading your PKZIP version for a needed function? With ZIP/390, important features like GZIP, Large File Support, OpenPGP, AES Decryption, and more are included in the Standard Edition at no extra charge! Furthermore, upgrading to ZIP/390 Secure Edition is a fraction of the cost of upgrading to PKWARE SecureZIP!
JCL and SYSIN Parameter Compatibility Makes Switching Easy!
JCL and SYSIN Parameter compatibility, as well as Batch API compatibility insures minimal conversion effort, with little or no changes to existing processes.
Lower Cost AND Added Features and Benefits!
If you want to pay more that's your Business; if you want to pay less that's our Business. Beyond lowering your organizations current and future cost-of-ZIP-ownership, which has proven to be reason enough for many of the world's largest corporations, switching to ZIP/390 delivers additional functionality and performance benefits too.
  • For Efficient Secure Delivery and Storage of zSeries Files and Reports - PDF

Reference Guide
  • ZIP/390 & ZIP/VSE Reference Guide (must be registered to access) - HTML

PKZIP and SecureZIP are registered trademarks of PKWARE,Inc.   Data 21, Inc. is not affiliated with PKWARE, Inc.

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ZIP390 is a PKZIP Compatible and WINZIP Compatible mainframe compression product. ZIP, UNZIP and GZIP capabilities are a growing demand for many companies these days. Compression and encryption products for the mainframe can be very costly. Finding a cost efficient applications that runs on z/OS, OS/390, OS390, MVS, VSE, or VSE/ESA is very important. FTP does not show nearly as much value as zip compression. With speedy AES Encryption your data will be kept secure. ZIP Keyword Encryption another form of encryption with our mainframe file compression and mainframe encryption products. We also valuable resources with batch utility and the option of running a zip server with a partner product IpBridge/Connect. Mainframe HIPAA is very important to healthcare companies now. ZIP OS/390, ZIP MVS, ZIP VSE and ZIP OS390 are all important to a business with the interest of keeping its data secure. A variety of products offering zip for the mainframe, we believe ZIP390 is the best. Add PGP Encryption for PGP compatibility for secure mainframe transfer of files. Cyberfusion, ca-xcom, Connect:Direct, Connect:Express, DataBlaster, and File SWEEP/Rapid. ZIP/390's performance as a zip mvs solution has been reported as perfect solution for zip compression and encryption solutions. JIMZip, PowerArchive and ZIPIt are all related to the ZIP Compression Community. PKWARE's Securezip product is an expensive alternative to some of ZIP/390's capabilities and features.
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